Encouragement Stories ©

Parents of developmentally challenged children (who have medical and/or psychological diagnoses) need behavior management tools that are practical and supportive. A child's picture book can be not only a fun and inspirational way to assist the parents with improving their child's learning and social skills, but also a way to help instill confidence in the child.

These Encouragement Stories ©, while very “personal,” are written in a manner to impart a lesson and to aid parents of physically, mentally, emotionally challenged children to cope with the situations they face. I am not saying that my way is the way, but rather, “Here are examples to help caregivers to ‘imagine' coping mechanisms that will work specifically for their child.”

The Yeah We Did It! Encouragement Stories © offer parents, caregivers, educators, and therapists unique insights into the management of developmentally challenged children from the perspective on a hands-on parent who must continually seek unconventional means to help his child overcome the difficulties of the condition.

“Yeah We Did It!” is a series of short Encouragement Stories © that we have developed. The Encouragement Stories © follow the life of a developmentally challenged boy, highlighting the various obstacles to his learning abilities, celebrating his achievements, and underlining the role that his parents take in helping him.

Throughout these Encouragement Stories © and those planned for the entire series, Christopher asks difficult questions that are familiar to parents of special needs children. Dad answers them honestly and uses (“whatever works”) unusual learning props to help explain everything.

Christopher A. Chaplin (Author)says,

“Our Encouragement Stories © Books fulfill the (autism) special needs, socially diverse curriculum requirements that are much needed to provide a sense of inclusion while educating and desensitizing its audience. They will improve children’s speech & language, social / emotional, cognitive, creative, reading comprehension, critical thinking (theory) skills and more.”